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- Call For Papers -

The conference is soliciting research papers in the following areas of interest(but not limited to):

Artificial Intelligence

•Adaptive systems •Intelligent Search
•Intelligent control •Automatic Programming
•Data and web mining •Intelligent Robotics
•Inductive learning •Neural net and support vector machine
•Information retrieval •Networking and information security
•Information fusion •Computer Vision and Robotics
•Visual information processing •Business intelligence
•Intelligent agent •Pattern Recognition and Machine Learning
•Hybrid and nonlinear system •Fuzzy set theory, fuzzy control and system
•Intelligent and knowledge based system •Hybrid Intelligent systems
•Media computing •Artificial Intelligence Tools & Applications
•Artificial Intelligence and Evolutionary Algorithms  

Image Processing

•Content-based Image retrieval •Super-resolution imaging
•Color and texture •Face recognition, face detection, and gesture recognition
•Graphics algorithms and applications •Image compression, coding, and encryption
•Image feature extraction •Image generation, acquisition and processing
•Visual computing and graphics •Design of Filters
•Multi-modal Imaging Processing •Synthesis, Rendering, and Visualization
•Color, Multispectral, and Hyperspectral Imaging •Detection, Recognition, and Classification
•Image Acquisition, Reconstruction and Synthesis •Database architectures for image retrieval
•Query models, paradigms, and languages for image retrieval •Digital Forensics
•Pattern Recognition and Machine Learning •Restoration and Enhancement
•Biometrics, Forensics, and Security •Graphical user interfaces
•Interpolation, Super-resolution, and Mosaicing •Texture Image Representation and Classification

Computer Systems and Engineering

•Green Industrial and Service systems •High Performance Computing
•Industrial Engineering Education and E-Learning •Programming Languages and Techniques
•Embedded System Design •Software Engineering
•Computer Modeling •Internet of Things
•Decision Support System and Models •Risk and Security Management System
•E-Commerce and E-Government •Service Systems including Energy, Transportation,
Communication Utilities and Environmental Control

Computer Graphics and Multimedia

•Multimedia application enabling software •Pattern Recognition
•System software support for multimedia •Hypermedia
•Data Compression •Performance measurement for multimedia
•Multimedia authoring •Internet and Web Applications
•System hardware support for multimedia •Computer Vision
•Multimedia databases and retrieval •Audio Video Systems
•Multimedia Applications •Web tools and applications

Information Systems and e-Commerce/e-Business

•electronic commerce •Computer Communication Networks
•Business Intelligence Systems •Business and Management
•Workflow Management Systems •Computer Modeling