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- Call For Papers -

The conference is soliciting research papers in the following areas of interest(but not limited to):

Artificial Intelligence

•Adaptive systems •Intelligent Search
•Intelligent control •Automatic Programming
•Artificial Intelligence and Evolutionary Algorithms •Intelligent Robotics
•Inductive learning •Neural net and support vector machine
•Information retrieval •Networking and information security
•Information fusion •Computer Vision and Robotics
•Visual information processing •Business intelligence
•Intelligent agent •Pattern Recognition and Machine Learning
•Hybrid and nonlinear system •Fuzzy set theory, fuzzy control and system
•Intelligent and knowledge based system •Hybrid Intelligent systems
•Media computing •Artificial Intelligence Tools & Applications

Image Processing

•Image processing algorithms and techniques •Image security and privacy protection
•Real-time image and multimodal image processing •Image processing applications (such as autonomous driving, intelligent transportation systems, medical field, etc.)
•Integration of images with Virtual Reality (VR) / Augmented Reality (AR) •Stereoscopic, multi-view, and 3D processing
•Color, multispectral, and hyperspectral imaging •Human-computer interaction and visualization
•Image storage and security management •3D reconstruction
•Document analysis and processing •Image deep learning and video processing
•3D and surface reconstruction •Medical image processing

Big Data

•Big Data analysis management •Big Data applications/Big Data as a service
•Big Data services and application development methods and tools •Big Data for vertical industries (including government, healthcare, environment, finance)
•Big Data persistence and preservation •Big Data quality evaluation and assurance technologies
•Data mining and data science •Data and Information Quality
•Data Modeling and Visualization •Security and privacy for big data
•Modeling and Managing Large Data Systems Open Data •Real-world and large-scale practices of big data
•Foundational Models for Big Data •The convergence of Artificial Intelligence and Big Data
•Data standardization and interoperability

Internet of Things (IoT)

• Wireless communication technologies (such as 5G and NB-IoT) and their applications and development in the Internet of Things (IoT) •Energy management and low-power design for IoT devices
•Sensor technologies and sensor fusion in the IoT •The application of big data technologies in the Internet of Things
•Real-time data analysis and decision support systems •Application areas of the Internet of Things (smart cities, smart healthcare, etc.)
•Communication standards among IoT devices •Interoperability across platforms and systems
•Security standards and best practices for the Internet of Things •The application of machine learning and deep learning in the Internet of Things
•Autonomous decision-making and adaptive systems •Integration of edge computing with the Internet of Things

Computer Systems and Engineering

•Green Industrial and Service systems •High Performance Computing
•Industrial Engineering Education and E-Learning •Programming Languages and Techniques
•Embedded System Design •Software Engineering
•Computer Modeling •Decision Support System and Models
•Risk and Security Management System •E-Commerce and E-Government
•Service Systems including Energy, Transportation, Communication Utilities and Environmental Control

Communication Technology

•Network and Wireless Communication •VLSI Circuits and Systems Design
•Data Communications •Information Hiding and Watermarking
•Wireless Sensor Networks •Wireless Communication
•Intelligent Mobile Device Design