ICCSCT2019 SCI/ SCIE/ SSCI 检索期刊正在征稿中,版面有限,欢迎投稿。

Important Dates

Submission Due
10, March 2019
Notify Acceptance
12, March 2019
Author Registration Due
12, March 2019
Conference Date
24-25 April, 2019

Paper Submission

Submission Guidelines

  1. Please submit paper in pdf or MS word to email si@iccsct.org
  2. All final papers must be submitted as pdf and MS word files. Instruction for final paper preparation will be sent to authors of accepted papers.
  3. Choose at least ONE primary topic and ONE secondary topic for your paper at the time of submission. The topics must be related to your paper. This information will be used by the committee for assigning appropriate reviewers and scheduling sessions.
  4. After submission, you may still make as many changes as you wish. However, this must be done before the given submission deadline. After this date, you may no longer edit, re-submit, add co-author, re-order author listing, etc.
  5. Full paper must be submitted by 10, March 2019.
  6. Authors will be notified of a Initial review decision within 10-15 working days.
  7. Each submission will be assigned a PAPER ID. Please quote this in all correspondences.

Review and Acceptance

  1. All papers will be peer reviewed.
  2. English shall be the official language throughout the meeting.
  3. Batch release of review requests to reviewers, batch send the notification of acceptance, initial review decision within 10-15 working days.

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    Phone(China) & wechat:
    Email: si@iccsct.org